Welcome to Default Options!

This page is my web development "playground". I am in the process of learning web design, and this is where I'll be trying out some of the things I've learned along the way. Click the Projects menu option at the top to see them!

The framework I'm using for this site is called Bootstrap, and it has a ton of cool features that make it really easy to design sites which look good even on phones and tablets. It will rearrange content dynamically depending on the screen width.

Another nice tool I found is called Emmet. This is a text editor add-on (I use Sublime Text 2) which allows you to enter some "pseudo markup" to quickly create tags, element properties, etc.

The font I'm using is called Titillium, from Google Web Fonts

Download HP MFP M830 driver

Download Cisco AnyConnect

Default option: (noun) 1. an option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified.
The Free Dictionary
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